No need for new light fixtures,
when we have found so beautiful old ones.

From restoring and customising vintage lighting to creating interior design objects, here you can find some fine examples of the various projects from our workshop.

Opera Vintage

Exclusive set of renovated pendants. May be defined as Art Deco Style, but not exactly. Hand crafted metalworks and triplex opal glass.
From same era we have limited edition of lamps in store (see pdf. document with current prices below)

Year: 1969

St. Helena

Prototype of LED chandelier. Aim is to combine most advanced light technologies with classic shape.

Year: 2012


Limited Edition of table lamps within Albert collection.

Year: 2007

St. Birgitta

Experimental concept. Candles up and down. Prototype was selected to Frankfurt Light&Building Fair Young Design exposition 2004

Year: 2004


Coat stand. Design by Tõnis Vellama.
Noun: „a tree that bears cones and evergreen needlelike or scalelike leaves“.
Conifer is evergreen.

Year: 1994